Real Escape
Absolutely Despaired, Ultimately Escape!
APP store! The Most realistic Locked Office Escape! To challenge the only Locked Room that is designed by 3D gyroscope,Can you … find all keys … and escape from the Real Escape?
Constructed by the "FLAG", it is a thrill locked room escaping game, which uses 3D gyroscope techniques (supported by iphone4, ipod Touch4, ipad2 or above), to operate by instincts and the difficulties is moderated. Most challenging puzzles, strict logics and sophisticated inferences will make you to have surrealistic thrill experiences in the most realistic classical locked office escaping game!
The hero is getting out in a coma, and he found out he has been locked in an old and shabby ward,following the plot of the game, puzzles of the story are going to be revealed…
Does the hero ableto solve all puzzles and to escape from this locked ward?

… it is all rely on you!
Supporting Languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, French, Spanish and German.
※This game is not recommended on using anything below than iphone3GS and ipod Touch3.
Stephy Fan
It's really real escape game.
Kuang Yu Lai
Great, addictive game with a really appealing game.
Boz Lu
Amazing escape for iOS app.
I-ting Lo
Wonderful experience!
Production Team
ProducerYang Po-Chin
Game DesignerYang Po-Chin
Cheng Sheng-Yin
Lu Yung-Wei
ProgramerYang Po-Chin
UI DesignCheng Sheng-Yin
3D Art & DesignYang Po-Chin
Cheng Sheng-Yin
Memory Graphic DesignChan Wai-Chan
MarketingYang Po-Chin
Wu Yu-Hu
Lu Yung-Wei
Music & SoundShan Wei-cheng